Funding your treatment, either through an insurance provider or paying yourself, can seem a daunting task. The information below is aimed at making this as simple as possible. 

insurance companies
self funding

Insured patients

See below for details of accessing Mr Clamp's services though your private health policy


See below for details of accessing Mr Clamp's services through self-funding

Insured patients

Mr Clamp is a fully recognised provider for all of the major UK private health insurance providers.

Please check with your insurance company before starting your assessment or treatment. Insurance companies vary significantly in how they handle your treatment and what they will provide. If they are not able to fund all aspects of your care, you will be asked to cover the shortfall yourself. 


Self-funding your care is something many people find daunting. Patient's are understandable concerned about the potential for costs to spiral out of control.

This section is designed to ensure that you have as much information as possible before undertaking your treatment. If you would like further information or have questions, please contact Mr Clamp's secretary (Liz Hodsdon) or the Spire Bristol sales team.

Outpatient consultation

The cost of your outpatient clinic is dependant on 3 things:

  • The surgeons fee for the consultation
  • The surgeons fee for any procedures undertaken in the outpatient clinic (such as ear micro-suction, nasal-endoscopy to examine the nose/throat or skin-prick allergy testing)
  • Addition charges from the hospital or audiologists for use of equipment or hearing tests

Mr Clamp's consultation fees:

  • New patient appointment - £220
  • Follow up appointment - £150

Mr Clamp's procedure fees:

  • Ear micro-suction (removal of wax or debris from the ear canal using either suction or micro-instruments) - £100
  • Nasendoscopy (using a fine, flexible endoscope to examine the nasal cavity, sinus openings and throat) - £150
  • Skin-prick allergy tests (applying a small drop of potential allergens to the skin to test for allergy) - £100

Hospital / audiology fees for procedures:

These fees are set by the Spire Hospital, Clifton Audiology or Southmead Hospital who support Mr Clamp's clinics. Please confirm these prices directly with the relevant department as they may be subject to updates and changes. As of July 2016 the prices are:

  • Hearing test - £86
  • Tympanogram (ear pressure tests, often looking for fluid behind the ear drum) - £95
  • Combined hearing test and tympanogram - £180
  • Hospital fee for ear micro-suction - £80
  • Hospital fee for nasendoscopy - £120
  • Full balance/vestibular assessment (performed at Southmead Hospital Audiology unit) - £428
  • Imaging/radiology - CT scan £360, MRI scan £355 (additional £155 if intravenous contrast required)

Operation costs

A single package price can be offered for many common ENT procedures, including:

  • Tonsillectomy
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Grommet insertion
  • Septoplasty
  • Sinus surgery
  • Nasal polypectomy
  • Tongue-tie division
  • Nasal turbinate reduction

These fees will include the cost of the surgeon, anaesthetist and any hospital costs. Please contact the Spire Bristol self-funding team for more information. 


For other operations, Mr Clamp follows the WPA schedule